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My Father Died Twice, and I Couldn’t Save Him Either Time: Part 2

My father died because of me. Let's recap: My parents were born into poverty, and not the luxurious type of poverty whereby you are poor but have an abundance of social services, food banks, and free medical care to help with the forgotten basic needs of food, shelter and water.My parents were both born into third world poverty.On top of this they ...
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Some coincidences in my life are bittersweet. For those that know me, you already know why I have no particular affinity to December and the holiday season. My Father died for the second time in December 2006 (Part 2 coming soon for those that have asked and been waiting). But he died on the birthday of my first furry best friend, Samson Ram. In ty...
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My Father Died Twice, and I Couldn’t Save Him Either Time: Part 1

My father died because of me. My parents were born into poverty, and not the luxurious type of poverty whereby you are poor but have an abundance of social services, food banks, and free medical care to help with the forgotten basic needs of food, shelter and water. My parents were both born into third world poverty. My Father was born in South Afr...
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Alberta Health Care Cuts: The Fight to Keep our Hospital Full-Service

​As you saw from our colleagues at Moose and Squirrel in Sundre in the post we shared this week, health care is in for a big change in Alberta. For those of you who lived through the Ralph Klein days, you have an idea of what we're in for. I didn't live through those cuts, but yesterday was one of those days that truly highlighted for me how the go...
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This Is It: Final Countdown

​Just a few weeks to go until I'm officially done residency. I feel like a kid at Christmas, anticipating Santa's arrival with such angst the days seem longer than usual. After all, if you include all my university training, from BA to MA to PhD to MD, I've been in university for 18 years (albeit with 3 maternity leaves). That's a long time as a st...
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From Bullied to Broadway Baby

​First day of school today for my girls and every year my heart palpitates with worry as I drop them off and hope they have a good year. A caring and patient teacher. An inspiring classroom. Kind peers. At their age, I loved school because I had a voracious appetite for learning absolutely anything. But I was also terrified of school because I was ...
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Sing to Me: My Palliative Block

I recently admitted a patient dying of cancer and after running through our impression and plan with him (treat the anemia with a transfusion, stop the GI bleed with a scope and pantoloc infusion, alleviate his bone pain with radiation and opioids), I asked if there was anything else we could do at this time. "Sing to me," he said. Not because he k...
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Hearts and Hockey Cards

We just had our second successful celebratory BBQ last week. I can't believe it's already been 2 years for Riverside Medical. I'm so impressed by my spouse and the team. The obstacles they've overcome and their dedication to patient-centered care never ceases to impress me. I'm equally awestricken by our Legion members, who come host the BBQ every ...
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Understanding Human Motivation: Interview with Dr. Veronique Ram

 Click here to read an incredible interview featuring our own, Dr. Veronique Ram.
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Run Your Own Race

I wasn't born to run. In fact, at 18 months of age I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and spent most of my early years in and out of hospitals. Luckily, I was fortunate to outgrow the illness, as many children with pauciarticular arthritis do. Nonetheless, it certainly made my childhood difficult and lonely. I didn't have the physic...
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Blog 2: Breathing Books, Transforming Technology

Some of you may not know that I am a reader and book lover. I've read easily over 3000 books in my lifetime to date (this does not include kids' books, which I have the pleasure of delving in daily). As my mom's best-friend noted when we crossed paths at my father's funeral this summer, reading was always part of my being, and she remembers how I'd...
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Riverside Medical Lunch and Learn - Dermatologist Dr. Wang

Lunch and Learn with special guest Dr. Wang DermatologistDr. Wang speaks on three important topics when it comes to the health of your skin.-Moles-Exzema-Acne
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Riverside Medical Lunch and Learn - Pediatrician Dr. From

 Lunch and Learn with special guest Pediatrician Dr. From  Dr. From Speaks on what he treats mostly which is kids with mental health issues including ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and how it affects their functionality.
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Riverside Medical Lunch and Learn with Dr. Ram and Ray Ainsough

Dr. Ram and Ray Ainscough touch base on the responsibilities of your doctor and pharmacist and answer questions from the audience.
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My Journey as a Patient Care Coordinator at Riverside Medical

Well, it's official! I'm here to stay. After 3+ months of training, I have been adopted by the Riverside Medical family.It has been an interesting and eye opening experience thus far. Having to convert from old school paper and pen (the way it was done many years ago, and more familiar to this old gal) to the more modern electronic everything, has be...
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Blog 1: 335 days to go

We've made it over the hump: less than one year away from being in Drumheller and at Riverside Medical permanently. As educational and wonderful as this journey has been to date, it'll be nice to finally be home for good. I recently did a countdown on Instagram before attending a Brandi Carlile concert and it was so much fun and built such exciteme...
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The Good Old Hockey Game.

When Riverside Medical was in the toddler stages of existence, the concept of making the patient being the star attraction, the idea of "Theme" rooms was born. At Riverside Medical, gone are the days of being just a "number", here you're a person with a name! As Team members, we were all given the opportunity to choose our own theme with an explana...
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Stay Tuned...

When I made the decision to join Dr. Ram and Dr. Veronique in their new "adventure", not once did I think I would be doing some of the "new to me" things that I am now faced with. That being said, I find myself facing new challenges daily! One of the said challenges being, BLOG ENTRIES!At Riverside Medical we strive to keep up with the most modern ...
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Riverside Medical & RXcellence are now providing flu shots.

Riverside Medical & RXcellence (our in-clinic pharmacy) are now providing flu shots. Monday - Friday between 9:00am & 4:00pm. Wait times may vary.Come and get your flu shot today!
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Patients Aren’t Pariahs, They’re People: Join Us for the Canada Day Parade

​If you've been to the clinic these past few months, you've likely heard us playing the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman. In fact, if you've been to the legion on a Friday night, you may have even heard Rithesh's one man show performance of the entire album. We love the songs and play them at home, and at the clinic, daily. We dance, we sing, we ...
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