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When I made the decision to join Dr. Ram and Dr. Veronique in their new "adventure", not once did I think I would be doing some of the "new to me" things that I am now faced with. That being said, I find myself facing new challenges daily! One of the said challenges being, BLOG ENTRIES!

At Riverside Medical we strive to keep up with the most modern way of medicine AND technology. We view the internet and Social Media as an essential tool in relaying important information, and some of our own thoughts, feelings, and every day musings. I usually don't have a problem with writing, it's the viewers that scares me. To me, it's not much different than standing in front of an audience, except with writing I don't see the faces, but my mind hears the voices. (And that is a whole new blog entry! Haha) I know I am not alone with these feelings as many people face the same self doubt, but unless one faces the fear or challenge, one will never know what their true capabilities are. So bare with me as I face one of mine. I will be writing an entry weekly for the next few months before I hand the pen (or keyboard) over to a fellow colleague.


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