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Blog 1: 335 days to go

We've made it over the hump: less than one year away from being in Drumheller and at Riverside Medical permanently. As educational and wonderful as this journey has been to date, it'll be nice to finally be home for good.

I recently did a countdown on Instagram before attending a Brandi Carlile concert and it was so much fun and built such excitement that we've decided to do the same for my arrival. This is as much for me as it is for our readers because I can't wait to be done and home with my fam jam every day.

Every month I'll include a fact about myself in a blog post and every 3 months, we'll ask a trivia question on Facebook. First to answer correctly will get a small prize.

Fact 1: I'm a proud mother of 3 wonderful children! Balancing motherhood with my training has been challenging but the kids have been extraordinarily understanding.

Being a mom has made it easier for me to relate to patients who are also parents. Oh yeah, wakes up every 2 hours to nurse and won't go back down? I've been there. Failed at sleep training? I hear ya. But literally exhausted? Yeah, let's start a night club for awake moms. We can meet up at 3am and rock our babies as a group.

Bad eczema? Oh I've taken my daughter to the ER before because her skin was so bad despite bleach baths, ointments, and cortisone creams. Been mocked by a doctor for bringing your baby to the ER for a fever? Oh I have. But it was 41C! Just a virus, we were told.

Do you have more questions about your kids, skin, or overall Pediatric health? Come to our Lunch & Learn on January 30 and ask an expert.

Parenting is one hard job alright, but so worth it. As cliche as this sounds, I'm going to say it anyway: the nights are long, but the years are short.

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