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Contraception and IUD Insertion
Our physicians offer contraceptive advice and IUD insertions. Prior to any procedure, we require a consult to discuss which for of IUD best suits your needs and review the process of insertion. We then provide you with a prescription to take to your pharmacy for pick-up prior to your insertion appointment. We do require a urine sample prior to the insertion to rule-out a pregnancy. More information can be found in the resources listed below.


Weight Management
We at Riverside Medical want to help our patients with all their health goals, which may include weight management planning and strategies. Please consider bringing in a 24-hour food diary and a summary of your physical activities for us to review and help us better serve you.

Menopause Counseling
We at Riverside Medical want to provide all our patients with the best support during menopause. Our clinic offers individualized plans to manage symptoms that may be easily managed in-house or require a referral to a specialist. Together we will help you through this journey.


Our Location

Riverside Medical Clinc is located on the third floor of the Riverside Health Centre Building. Our Physicians are here to service your medical needs.
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