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This Is It: Final Countdown

Just a few weeks to go until I'm officially done residency. I feel like a kid at Christmas, anticipating Santa's arrival with such angst the days seem longer than usual. After all, if you include all my university training, from BA to MA to PhD to MD, I've been in university for 18 years (albeit with 3 maternity leaves). That's a long time as a student. I love learning and I can't imagine a career that doesn't require constant growth and professional development; however, I do look forward to being done with the student role and finally practicing the skills I've spent years refining.

More importantly, I look forward to being home. I've lived out of a suitcase for 4 years, traveling the rural Alberta roads weekly, through some sketchy snow storms, to make it back between call shifts even for a short visit with my family. To hug them, hold them, smell their hair and be reminded of how fast they grow and change. To sit with my husband and catch up in person rather than via a quick text or email. As Paul Brandt says in his song The Journey (one of my many "on-the-road" theme songs): "no one ever promised it would be easy, Come on why don't we go on the journey…" And what a journey it's been. With storm clouds, ups and downs, and a million miles travelled. Below is a video of this crazy journey we've been on.

I want to take the chance in this post to thank those close to me who have made this journey possible. My colleagues for their social support and chats through long nights on call. The amazing physicians who have stayed late to teach me a new skill to help me become a better doctor. My program for its support, academically and personally. My mother for being there to help with household chores and maintain our kids' extensive extra-curricular activities. My mother-in-law for taking time away from her personal schedule to help with caregiving of our little ones when needed, and the long chats on my many lonely drives. The staff at Riverside Medical for always making my arrival feel anticipated. The Drumheller community for the constant reminders that our goal to improve health care is significant. The wonderful friends we've made for the nights of laughter and leisure. My children for their patience and constant reminders of how proud they are of how hard their mama studies. And my husband, for letting me take this journey in the first place. I know it's been hard being the single parent. Nobody would believe the amount of work you carry on your own: the cooking, cleaning, lunches, bathing, reading, sleep routines, discipline, homework, attendance at every single Christmas concert. On top of practicing medicine, your rural clerkship director role, and the many committees you chair or sit on. Nothing I say can truly express how thankful I am that you continue to have much bigger dreams for me, than I could ever have for myself, except, well: thank you. But…

This is it, honey. Tag: I'm it. 

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