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Theme Room: Nature

Together we were a group of individuals all with a common cause and when asked in a split second to contribute a theme name to one of the patient exam rooms my answer was easy. Nature, and as the conversation progressed and we were then presented with the question, why the name choice. Again, my answer seemed easy. Nature is where I go to keep my sanity, to have clarity of thought and to breathe in a world where we are forced to move at a very fast pace to keep up with the daily grind.

Fast forward to today, when we are presented with the task of telling the world about our journey and allowing them into our thoughts in describing the reason for our theme room name choice. Firstly, I love the fact that I get challenged to think deeper about such a seemingly simple idea.

So here goes my ramble; when I think of the wonder and beauty of nature I feel good, but I realize that may not be the case for everyone so I go deeper into thought. What is it about nature that touches the soul to feel emotion? Balance. That is my answer, balance! Nature is reliant on balance and human life is reliant on balance. The common ground is balance. I know without the ability to balance the difficult daily life challenges with a get away from all responsibility I would not be able to function productively.

I invite all to take a look at the beauty of the Nature Theme room picture and think about your balance of life's tasks and responsibilities and take the time to find your balance, whatever it may be! 

There is no “God” in Medicine
Theme Room: Books

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