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A Reflection Of My Year With Riverside Medical - by Ashlyn Herzog

I've been told by many older and wiser people that "When life gives you an opportunity, Jump! You are too young to pass this up". Statements like this quite accurately summarize my decision to team up with my wonderful, hard-working partner and move to Lac La Biche to expand our family ranching operation. This was a difficult decision to make as an individual, but also as a team member of Riverside Medical. One year ago, I had been given an equally amazing opportunity to join the Riverside Medical team as their Patient Care Manager – this would be a job that would push the confines of the Licensed Practical Nurse profession in many positive ways. This blog post describes my experiences as a part of a forward-thinking, collaborative care team over the last year.

I had met Dr. Ram while a student in Drumheller Acute Care in March of 2017. My initial impression of Dr. Ram was that he was a man full of enthusiasm and innovation. He once asked me for my opinion on what to do next with a patient in the Emergency Department – I almost fell off my chair that a Physician not only asked me but valued my opinion on patient care in an emergency context. He was an excellent teacher to me while a student, and he stayed true to this throughout my year at the clinic. Then I met Veronique – who is equally as smart and kind as her husband. They truly do make the perfect team. 

And then came the patients – the single biggest reason I love being in the nursing profession is because of the patient and family care experience. Within the clinic my job had many different components, but mostly I carried out health prevention and screening strategies, as well as one-on-one patient education. As you can imagine, I built many strong relationships with these patients and their families. There have been many tears shed when I think of how blessed I am to have been given the privilege to see even just a glimpse into many of these patients lives. I have cried with patients and I have laughed with patients. I have heard their story with my own ears. They have touched my heart, and I like to think I have touched a few of theirs, too. 

The past year at the clinic allowed me to experience a variety of areas within nursing and gave me the kind of experience that you can't put a price on. I believed in Riverside Medical from day one, and I continue to believe in the values including increased accessibility to health care and patient-centred care that Riverside Medical stands for within our community. A multi-disciplinary, collaborative care team approach within health care is the future of medicine. I wish my team – Kathy, Candace, Jessie, Jenn, Rithesh and Veronique – all the best as they strive for many more years of greatness!

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