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Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00am to 5:00pm

Emergency Cases

If you need immediate medical attention please dial 911 for emergencies.



If you need to see one of our doctors please schedule an appointment with us.
Call 403-823-5000

“Parents Who Play, Build Brains!” is a video brought to you in partnership between Riverside Medical and the Drumheller and Area Early Childhood Development Coalition. At Riverside Medical, we provide awareness for children, parents, and caregivers of the resources offered towards early childhood development within the community of Drumheller. Our healthcare team can help to support children and families in navigating these resources.

In the first five years of life, your child’s brain develops faster than at any other time in their life. Your child’s early experiences – the things they sees, hear, touch, smell, and taste stimulate their brain, creating millions of connections. This is when the foundations for learning, health and behaviour throughout life are laid down. In the early years, your child’s main way of learning and developing is through play and having a strong positive relationship with parents.

For a complete list of Drumheller and Area Early Childhood Development Resources, Click Here

The newly published Drumheller and Area Early Childhood Development Resources brochure is also available in our clinic for families to take home.

Frequent Questions

Are you taking new patients?

Riverside Medical is not accepting new patients at this time, but we do have a waitlist available. Please call the clinic at 403-823-5000 to be placed on the waitlist.

Is it possible to get a same day appointment?

Yes. Unless Dr. Ram is out of town, we offer same day appointments after 9:00 a.m. Monday to Friday.

Can I book a meet and greet appointment before formally transferring my file?

Of course! We understand that patients want to ensure that a physician is a good fit for their goals and values. Booking a meet and greet appointment is a reasonable request and strongly encouraged. This will also provide us with an opportunity to relay our practice philosophies and introduce you to our outstanding staff.

What is the model of the “Patient Medical Home”?

As noted at, in this vision, every family practice across Canada offers the medical care that Canadians wants: seamless care that is centered on individual patients’ needs, within their community, throughout every stage of life, and integrated with other health services.

Our Location

Riverside Medical Clinc is located on the third floor of the Riverside Health Centre Building. Our Physicians are here to service your medical needs.
Riverside Medical Clinc PO Box 1990
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Drumheller, Alberta
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Phone: 403-823-5000
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