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The Heart has Bandaged Moments: Notes on Small Town Medicine

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Potent Cannabis edibles increase overdoses both in Alberta and Ontario. More public education is needed.

  As the Oct. 17 date for the legalization of recreational cannabis gets closer many provinces are seeing an increase in hospital visit due to cannabis drug overdoses. Here's an article published by CBC Spike in cannabis overdoses blamed on potent edibles, poor public education | CBC News Enter some description here...
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Investigation reveals culture of harassment at MUN medical school | Canadian Healthcare Network

The report found that trainees were often singled out because of their gender and race St. John's – Memorial University is increasing the staff at its sexual harassment office and establishing a new position of Equity Officer after an 85-page report revealed widespread disrespect and harassment at the medical school. Sandra LeFort, a professor emer...
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Drug recall due to cancer risk: Several heart, high blood pressure drugs containing valsartan being recalled due to contamination with a potential carcinogen.

Health Canada Recall Several drugs containing the ingredient valsartan are being recalled by their manufacturers. An impurity, N- nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), was found in the valsartan used in these products. The valsartan was supplied by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals. NDMA is a potential human carcinogen, which means that it could cause cancer ...
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New guidelines recommend hepatitis C screenings for Canadians born between 1945 and 1975

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You may a seen on the news that The Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver, a national group of health-care providers and researchers, published its guidelines on testing and treating hepatitis C . The study finds more than 250,000 Canadians are believed to be infected with hepatitis C, but 40 to 70 per cent are unaware they harbour the bl...
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Marijuana at school: Loss of concentration, risk of psychosis

1 in 5 young people between 15 and 24 years of age report daily or almost daily use of cannabis. The media reports that it is safer than alcohol and tobacco and many teens believe it is safe. There is, however, a clear connection between heavy marijuana use and early-onset psychosis. Studies also show that is damages academic performance, especiall...
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